Qt Taking Too Long To Sync!

7 Dec 2017.

Hey guys, I am having a little bit trouble in syncing my wallet when it.

like 3hrs of download than if you download it using rhe qt wallet :D.

I also recommend syncing the wallet evry day so that you don't have to wait to long.

dev-qt/qtwebkit-5.212.0_pre20180120 took only 1 hour and 48.

So I synced in part to get the qtwebkit -hyphen fix to the ebuild, and I see that.

20 Sep 2018.

You can check your current version by going to Help -> Debug in your current QT wallet: Keep an eye on the "Connections" and "Last Block Time".

See the Qt Creator manual for more information on how to use the QML profiling.

One major cost of using JavaScript is that in most cases when a property from a.

synchronization and locking mechanisms can be a significant cause of slow.

For example, if two threads try to write to the same variable simultaneously, the result.

then both threads will end up waiting forever, so the application will freeze.

the event system for thread synchronization, unlike using low-level primitives.

It is to be hoped that we can use what we have learnt during the lockdown to finally focus resources and political will on.


Here I walk through how to repair and resync a PIVX Qt wallet that.

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