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The best 45 synonyms for transaction, including: deed, act, affair, action, deal, performance, doing, proceeding, matter, event, step and more.

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Transition & Linking Words in English | Advanced Writing & IELTS Vocabulary & GrammarP – The Xotels Hotel Industry Glossary explains the meaning or definition of hotel.

is the largest processor for electronic hotel transactions and offers distribution.

to sleep close to populated business districts without the large price tag. [more].

1 (noun) in the sense of deal. Definition. something that is transacted, esp. a business deal. plans to disclose their latest business transaction. Synonyms.

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Synonyms for Microsoft Tag in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Microsoft Tag. 1 synonym for bar code: Universal Product Code. What are synonyms for Microsoft Tag?

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Once we have the tags of retail store and the frequency of transactions at these stores for Metrro high value customers, you can analyze the.

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Transaction Server: A transaction server is a specialized type of server that manages the operations of software based transactions or transaction processing. It manages application and database transactions on a network or Internet, within a distributed computing environment. A transaction server may also be referred to as a transaction.

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