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Transaction’ Tag Synonyms The best 45 synonyms for transaction, including: deed, act, affair, action, deal, performance, doing, proceeding, matter, event, step and more. Find another word. P – The Xotels Hotel Industry Glossary explains the meaning or definition of hotel. is the largest processor for electronic hotel transactions and offers distribution. to sleep close to populated business districts

Elon Musk stands as the latest billionaire to promote Bitcoin as he responds to the ongoing trends in macroeconomics.

The chairman of Virgin Galactic has heaped praise on Bitcoin’s hedging capabilities just days after it was confirmed that.

Why I Sold Hashgraph, Bought Ethereum Classic & Monero | Daily Cryptocurrency News - Bitcoin & More!Elon Musk, who has previously warned U.S. fiscal policy has "become detached from reality," has now said central bank.

Crypto analysts believe Bitcoin price is set for a near-term rally as a key technical pattern points toward $9,800.

May was one of the most anticipated months of 2020 due to Bitcoin halving. Ethereum price is pivotal $200 level after soaring.

Where do we find the value of a Bitcoin once we peel away the myths of fungibility and privacy? The crypto markets.

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